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School Ratana National Teacher’s Award


School Rathna National Teacher’s Award 2024

  • Conditions of Eligibility of Teachers:-


School teachers and Heads of Schools working in recognized Pre-Primary / LP/UP/HS/HSS , Trainers, Resources Teachers, and Special Teachers etc.

  • Procedure For Application And Selection:


All the applications would be received through an online web portal.

Every applicant shall submit a portfolio, Email:[email protected] along with the Entry Form. The portfolio shall include relevant supporting material such as documents, tools, reports of activities, field visits, photographs, audios or videos etc.

  • Evaluation Matrix for School Rathna National Teacher’s Award


♦ Academic Activity

♦ Innovative experiments

♦ Co-curricular activities

♦ Mobilization of society

♦ Promotion of nation building and national integration

♦ Use of ICT, joyful learning technique

♦ Work done by teacher to encourage community, parents, alumni etc. to contribute to the school in any way e.g. physical infrastructure, computers, mid day meal, funds, books etc.

♦ Whether the teacher is regularly attending the in-service training he/she is deputed to ?