December 14, 2021 - By School Pathram Academy

Thiruvananthapuram: The strike called by post-graduate (PG) medical students in government medical college hospitals in Kerala has entered the 14th day on Tuesday. As patient-care services have been badly affected the government has softened its stand and successfully persuaded the house surgeons not to participate in the agitation.

Kottayam: Three cases of avian influenza, more commonly known as the bird flu, has been reported from Kottayam district days after the neighbouring Alappuzha district reported the same, leading to the culling of ducks and other birds.

Kannur: A civil police officer of the Kerala Police was dismissed for swindling the relative of an accused by using the person’s ATM card pin.

Thiruvananthapuram: The mid-day meal scheme in the state has been temporarily reorganised following strong opposition from teachers and other concerned unions. The teachers are struggling to meet the expenses of buying the food items due to price hike. Due to this, the General Education Department has decided that eggs and milk should be provided once a week until the schools resume normal functioning.

Thiruvananthapuram: The indefinite protest carried out on Monday by a section of medal-winning sportspersons before the secretariat demanding jobs escalated to another level as 54 of them crawled on their knees to evoke the government about its apathetic stance over the matter. Notably, both state and national-level medal winners have been protesting for the last 13 days because despite their names in the list, they are not appointed.

Kochi: Referring to the recent killing of a man by a gang of 12 assailants who chopped off the victim’s leg and threw the limb on the road as they fled the site, Kerala High Court has said it was a “scary” situation in the state.

Thiruvananthapuram: The prices of vegetables in retail shops across Kerala continues to remain exorbitant since they shot up over a month ago soon after heavy rains across south India. Though vegetables are available for reasonable prices in Horticorp outlets, the stock is insufficient.






സി.വി രാമനെ പരാമർശിക്കാതെ ‘കൽക്കട്ട യാത്രാഡയറി ‘ പൂർത്തിയാകുമോ

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