November 25, 2021 - By School Pathram Academy

Kochi: At least 17 colleagues of LLB student Mofia Parvin, who committed suicide the other day alleging domestic violence, were taken into custody for staging a protest before the Aluva SP Office on Thursday.


The upmarket No 18 Hotel in Fort Kochi repeatedly flouted rules despite the Excise Department initiating action against it, the district chief of the Excise Department has reported.

The deadline set by the Kerala High Court to remove flagpoles and masts from public places ends on Thursday. But in many places, the steps to remove these have not made much progress.

The seepage from the controversial Mullaperiyar Dam is increasing over time, and has gone up to 2 lakh litres a day when the water level in reservoir touched 139.85 feet, an affidavit Tamil Nadu submitted to the Supreme Court revealed.

The state government is planning to extend the school hours till evening. Currently, the classes are scheduled till noon only. The General Education Department is considering a proposal to extend the class hours till evening, by December.

The state government has directly intervened to control the surging vegetable price in the state. From Thursday onwards, vegetables will be brought from other states to regulate the soaring prices.

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala has been receiving unusually high rainfall especially in the latter half of this year. Met records show rainfall this year has been the highest in the last 60 years.

Kerala on Thursday reported 5,987 fresh cases of COVID-19 and 5,094 recoveries from the infection

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